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48 Channel Mono / 16 Channel RGB LED Controller, USB Connected

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Now Shipping Hardware Version 2. It has significant upgrades, few changes in parts layout, and new parts numbering. But has the same pinout and functionality. Please see This PDF for information.

The 48 Channel Mono/16 Channel RGB LED Controller by Chromation Systems can be used to independantly control 48 groups/channels (up to 120ma per group) of mono-color LEDs or 16 groups/channels of common anode RGB LEDs. It utilizes 3x TLC5940 LED drivers controlled with a PIC 18F2550 microcontroller. The PIC runs at 48mhz, has USB connectivity and controls the drivers through a modified SPI interface. The default firmware uses 8-bit PWM(256 brightness levels) and has a 1.5khz PWM frequency. All LED anodes are connected in parallel and the cathodes are connected to the controller as the outputs sink current. There are 3 connection options for the LEDs, direct soldering, screw down terminal blocks, and headers/housings.

Included:(This is a Kit and requires Assembly)
- Printed Circuit Board
- Programmed PIC, 18F2550, choice of firmware
- All the Component Parts
- Parts for the 3 button assembly
- 3x each iRef resistors - 1k, 2k2, 3k3 or specify value.

There are two premiumn Firmwares to choose from:ColorMotion, MonoMotion
And several free firmwares: Including MonoMotion and ColorMotion Demo versions, HID Bootloader, Sample USB Communcation, or None if you plan on programming it yourself.

Discounted LEDs Can Be Included: (All are 5mm Diffused). Either Common Anode RGB or Choose From: Red, Green, Blue, White, Aqua-Green, Turquoise, Orange, Pink or Ultra-Violet(UV) Enter your Color selection into the Comments during check out.

The outputs of this kit are constant current, a single resistor(iRef) sets the current, please use the calculator found Here to calculate the value of resistor you will need. Or Contact Us for help choosing. Enter your requirements in the comments during checkout.

The Datasheet, Details, Instructions can be found on the 48 Channel LED Controller Webpage or Please Contact Us To Ask Questions.


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