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10" x 10" LED Infinity Mirror Kit, Full Kit

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10/4/2017: As of now there is 1 kit remaining for sale, they will not be restocked, but may be replaced with a new Infinity Mirror project

This includes all the parts required for the project. Only electronic assembly tools and spray paint are required to complete it. Find more details and the Instructions on the 10" x 10" Infinity Mirror Kit Webpage.

Note this does not fit in a Small, Medium, or Large Flat Rate shipping options, choose Standard Post, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express.

Includes: (This is a Kit and Requires Assembly)
- Front Glass Two-Way Mirror, 1/4" thick, 10" x 10"
- Rear Glass Mirror, 1/8" thick, 10" x 10"
- All the plastic parts for the frame
- Inside Walls, assembled and painted, ready to mount the LEDs
- Panel Mount Jack for a 2.1x2.5mm barrel jack(compatible with available PSUs
- All the Wire Required
- Tube of Polystyrene Glue and 2 Application Tips
- 10" Aluminum Tape

There are 3 options for Controllers and LEDs:

  • None: No LEDs, controller, or power supply will be included
  • 8 Channel LED Controller v.3 Kit with 32pcs Diffused LEDs, Choice of Colors(listed below), Mix and Match Colors. A USB to TTL Serial Adapter is not included, but required for software interfacing.
  • Third Party Controller with 32pcs of Individually Controllable RGB LEDs. The wiring of the LEDs is significantly different, see This Page For Details. This is an advanced option, not recommended for beginners.

LED Color Choices Are: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Cool White, UV, Purple, Pink, Turquoise, Aqua-Green, Cyan, Magenta. Mixtures should be 2, 4, or 8 colors. Remember to either select your color choice or type your mixture colors into the comments during checkout.

For the Individually Controllable RGB LED option, the controller that is offered is third-party Pixel Controller Ion. The RGB LEDs are controlled by WS2801 PCBs. Each LED and PCB have to be soldered onto the inner walls, then wired together. This process is difficult without an auto stripper, good solder iron and soldering skills. This Page has some details, otherwise you would be expected to be able to figure it out yourself.

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