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DMX-512 LED Wash Light Driver w/ 3 watt RGB LED

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This kit is discontinued in favor of of the new DMX LED Controller w/ LED Display.

A full featured driver board to control Red, Green, & Blue LEDs. When paired with the correct output board, it can control any arrangement of LEDs. Common Cathode, Common Anode, single color LEDs. From 1/8 watt LEDs to 3 watt LED arrangements.

4 stand-alone modes. Fade & Flash with speed adjustment via potentiometer. Manual color select via the same potentiometer. Sound reactivity with sensitivity adjustment and secondary adjustment.

Full DMX-512 addressing. Connect to a DMX Controller or a DMX computer program. 5 channels for Red, Green, Blue, Function, Speed.

Easy to control, a 3 position switch, a potentiometer for adjustment, and another potentiometer for sound sensitivity. 10 position DIP switch, 1-9 for DMX address, DIP 10 is for standalone controls.

Create your own 3 watt RGB LED Wash Light, or more 3w RGB LEDs can be included, Just Ask.

This kit includes:
- Programmed PICs
- All interconnects
- 3 position switch for mode selection
- Potentiometers
- Component parts
- Dual Strand wire, enough for the switches and potentiometers.
- A breakout board for common cathode LEDs.
- Component parts for breakout PCB for use with 3w RGB LED
- 5mm Common cathode LED for testing.
- 3 watt RGB LED on Star, common cathode

Please Contact Us with any questions or for information on Complete wash light kits including LEDs and PSU.
Everything required to recreate the driver seen on Instructables.


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